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About the Event 

The You Are Worthy Summit was created as a result of our discussions with many change-makers who were not standing in their power and activating their worthy dreams. They talked to us about having imposter syndrome or low confidence and we wanted to create an event that empowered them to claim their worth, make bold decisions and activate their worthy dreams. Since then, past events have steadily helped grow interest, and we strive to make each year even better than the last.

The annual You Are Worthy Summit is our signature event, which attracted over 580 registrants for our virtual summits in the previous two years.

The theme this year is Moving Beyond Barriers, with the goal of creating an invaluable experience for our attendees while impacting more lives.

We have come a long way, but we would still greatly benefit from your support. Your generous contribution will help us successfully extend our mission.


Why should you sponsor?


This opportunity gives events sponsors

  • Exposure to new audience

  • A competitive edge in the personal development space

  • Opportunity to share your social responsibility

  • Support a group of people who are committed to positive and effective transformation

For event sponsors, this is a unique opportunity to connect with change-makers and visionary leaders because we are committed to:

  • Providing space and time for personal and professional transformation.

    We know that when people who want to create positive change come together, we can do anything we put our minds to. This is why we are bringing together our community of change-makers, to help them understand their worth and activate their powerful purpose.

  • Telling stories like yours and partnering with you to share your message of claiming your worth.

    We know that inspirational messages and great examples of overcoming spark and motivate others. You are a catalyst for change and we want to highlight your story and help others to live better lives based on the knowledge and experience you have gained and are willing to share.

  • Growing a community of change-makers and catalysts.

    When looking at our world today, we see the need for more and more of us to live our purpose and activate our vision. For us it is about helping people to show up authentically and feel supported as we activate our worthy dreams and create a world that is filled with fullness and love. It is up to us to grow communities that continue to provide a positive impact while transforming lives.

 Trena Bolden Fields

Bolden Fields, LLC provides coaching, marketing and publishing services to change-makers and visionary leaders. As a result of coaching with us, change-makers and visionary leaders gain clarity, know where to start and are able to activate their income goals with their new offer or service. With our work, our clients deeply understand their value and worth and are able to generate income with their service or offer. We encourage, inspire and uplift each individual we work with while helping them to make a bigger impact. 


About our Founder, Trena Bolden Fields

Trena Bolden Fields is an author, publisher, certified life coach, international speaker, strategic planner, actor and a catalyst for personal transformation. She also is the founder of the You Are Worthy Summit, Breakthrough to Your Success and the Let’s Create Your Vision and the Vision Board Workshop and founder of Bolden Fields, LLC. As an international speaker, career and life coach as well as a facilitator for workshops on effective communication, purpose, vision, diversity, transitions, unity and cultural communication, Trena continues to help individuals discover what is most important to them.

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