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As a certified coach, I help creative entrepreneurs and consultants create offers that impact lives and generate income.

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STEP ONE: Watch Client Testimonials.

Testimonial from Matthew Reynolds

Matthew went from idea to $30,000 in the first three months of working with me. He then raised his prices and made more income and impacted more people. He is now operating in his gifts with confidence and making the shifts and changes in the world that he once dreamed about.


Case Study from Atlas Phoenix

Atlas went from struggling to finish their screenplay to finishing their screenplay in 21 days. Atlas went on to become a multi award-winning filmmaker and says that their professional and personal success began when they coached with Trena. 


Testimonial from Ashley Ludlow

Ashley was struggling to book more gigs and generate income from her work as a singer songwriter. We learned in her process that she had patterns in her life that were no longer serving her. She had blocks to remove in order to move forward and book the gigs she wanted to book. We did the work and now she has more songwriting opportunities.



If you feel that you’re ready to STEP IN, clear your blocks, gain clarity, generate more income and gain the freedom you are looking for then apply to work with me. My coaching is designed to help you make more money with your idea and create the freedom you desire.

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Alanna Morris

Trena’s coaching changed my life. The beauty of her coaching is that it will be different for every person. She pulls at the answers already inside of you. She helped me get to a whole other phase of my life that I would not have accessed without her coaching. This is what Trena did for me. Trena got me to a whole other phase of my life, after seeing her for 6 months. I did not come to Trena trying to necessarily “get” anywhere. In fact, I was skeptical. I felt comfortable with my life and saw no way in which she could help me. But my first session, I cried like a baby. She helped me to see an area of my life that was screaming for attention: relationships. Our next coaching sessions were all about how I could bring the kind of relationships I wanted in my life closer to me. Trena helped me embrace my love and passion to teach and work creatively with young people, and we just kept going. I developed a whole identity as a teaching artist that I could not without Trena, and that has broadened. Trena helped me to plant the seeds for a whole new turn in my life that keeps growing. I am increasingly finding challenge and satisfaction in my life and love, and much of it I owe to Trena. Trena helps point you to the issues you need to address; she helps you clarify and focus on what is important; she helps you to embrace what you need to, and she helps you pull out an action plan and establish the accountability with her that you deem necessary.

Dr. Stephanie Lein-Walseth

Trena is simply amazing! I was struggling to find clarity and direction while sorting through myriad career opportunities when I reached out to Trena for help. Knowing that we shared some of the same training, background, career interests, and work/life dynamics; and knowing that Trena has a broad skill set combined with rigorous education and global experience, I was certain she would have unique insights. But most of all, I knew Trena to be a gifted listener, synthesizer, and advocate. In an astonishingly quick fashion during our first session, she was able to cut right to the heart of who I am, identify my strengths and values, and reflect those back to me. Not only that, but with laser-like focus she was able to suggest a path forward through all of the options swirling around me. I couldn’t believe so much could come out of just one session! I’ve been coaching with her as needed since then, and singing her praises to everyone I work with. Her compassion and generosity of spirit make her an invaluable friend and colleague, and I would highly recommend her services.

Emma Tyler

Trena has helped me so much during a difficult time when I felt artistically stagnant, confused and unmotivated. After only a handful of sessions, she has helped me create and cultivate 3 new artistic revenue streams that I am excited about and am making a profit from. She helped me find what core beliefs are at the center of my life and has encouraged me to create art from that space, which is truly invaluable. It has been life changing work. I cannot thank her enough for giving me confidence, direction and support in a field that often feels so isolated and competitive. A session with Trena ALWAYS leaves me smiling, motivated, and prepared to get stuff done. She is such a great listener and does a great job of adapting her coaching based on a client’s specific needs. Thank you so much Trena!

If you feel that you’re ready to STEP IN, clear your blocks, gain clarity, generate more income and gain the freedom you are looking for then apply to work with me. My coaching is designed to help you make more money with your idea and create the freedom you desire.

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About Trena Bolden Fields

Hi, I'm Trena Bolden Fields, the Transformation Expert behind my clients' successes.

I help my clients generate more income so that they can make a bigger impact through my coaching and marketing strategies that help them attract ideal opportunities and create the freedom they are here to cultivate.

When we work together you will:

-Gain clarity on your vision and goals

-Create your offer and get it out into the world

-Create an action plan to generate more income

No more guessing! No more trying to figure it out on your own. Once we gain clarity, create your vision and align your strategic action steps, you will have so many opportunities to choose from. 

My ability to generate more income in my business has:

-Allowed me to grow my business
-Helped me initiate a process to help my clients generate six figures from their idea
-Be a guest speaker for events and on Podcasts
-Helped me increase my marketing strategies and grow my reach

I went from earning $12,000 in a year to having a six figure business the following year.

I work from home, and enjoy setting my own schedule. I am able to make space for a lunch or a movie date or prioritize 

nap time during the day or whenever I choose. I also love journaling and joking around with my family.

I love helping people navigate their dreams. In fact, I often see another person’s big vision as well as the steps that they can take to achieve their biggest dreams and more than they imaged. 

If you are ready to impact lives and generate more income, click the button below and schedule your complementary consultation.


Do you have an idea or offer you want to create, yet you don't know where to start?

We've been there too.

Maybe you're struggling with:

  • Your shadow or inner critic or trying to please others in your life
  • Having so many ideas and not knowing what to do next or which idea to implement first
  • Having clarity around your vision and a strategic actionable plan to achieve your goals

Now, imagine if in three to six months you could...

Drill down to the core As you delve deeper into your inner most desires, you'll begin to align with your true purpose and passion. You'll gain clarity about your unique path and how you can make a meaningful impact in the world. You'll create a solid foundation for a purpose-driven life that brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of deep satisfaction.

Develop a clear roadmap to create your dreams 

During this immersive experience, we will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support necessary to clarify your vision and transform it into actionable steps. Through expert guidance, curated content, and collaborative exercises, you will gain the clarity and direction needed to create your dreams.

Generate More Income

Imagine stepping into a future where you radiate unwavering confidence and possess a deeply profound clarity about who you are and what you're capable of achieving and you are doing this all while generating more income with your idea. When working with Trena, you will cultivate unstoppable confidence and unwavering clarity and generate more income.

Throughout this empowering time, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, guided by transformation expert, Trena Bolden Fields who is dedicated to unlocking your true potential.

Through coaching, content, and transformative exercises, you will experience a profound transformation that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Trena Bolden Fields will share practical strategies and tools to help you silence the self-doubt, overcome the limitations that have held you back for far too long and generate more income to grow your business.


Are you ready to FINALLY turn your ideas into reality and get them out into the world


From Idea to $30,000...

Matthew Reynolds

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Trena in the spring of 2020. It was a meeting of creatives who possibly could collaborate with one another artistically. Little did I know that over the next few months Trena would coach my current consulting company out of my head and heart, and into the world at large. Trena focused on the collaboration aspect of our initial meeting by actively listening to my story, asking deep and meaningful questions, helping me get support mentally for some of the deeper blockages to my success, and then coached me along from a business perspective. I generated close to $30,000 in the first two months after the launch of my business. As I grew and my company began to flourish, we came to the conclusion that I needed more marketing. Trena pulled together one of the most caring, insightful, and powerful teams that helped me organically grow my business. Again leading me to generating over $30,000 in one month. The focus wasn’t the money, it was my purpose, my talents, and me as a human being. When those components were nurtured, the money followed. I am eternally grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn from working with Trena and her team. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about this dynamic, loving, compassionate, powerful, and talented woman, Trena Bolden Fields.