Speaker Spotlight

Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey is an intense math geek with a contagious laugh, with a non-nonsense style that meets everyone where they are. 

With humor and heart, Mickey has brought her innovative outlook on prosperity and poverty to tens of thousands of people through speaking, teaching, advising, consulting, and in-the-trenches business experience.

For the last 24 years Mickey has dedicated all facets of her life into one directed action: the magnification of prosperity. She literally wrote the Prosperity Business Model (PBM) and teaches it everyday and in every way.

Her accolades are diverse and interesting. Reading through them gives you a hint of how much of her wealth of information is from firsthand living and following her life path is quite mesmerizing.

 Accolades and interesting points: 

Remarkably, Mickey has a 98% retention rate of clients and her clients book a year in advance. Last year, 1,200 private meeting slots were sold out in just 20 minutes.

Mickey engages wealth in the world very differently and her innovative ideas on Plastic Budgeting have been highlighted on the front page of the business section of the New York Times

Mickey was honored with a special award by the AARP as the Wealth Spreader for the 50 over 50 awards in Pollen Magazine. 

She is one of the Top Women in Finance voted TWICE by Finance and Commerce Magazine

Her work with building prosperity with immigrants was highlighted in the Outstanding Service to Community award from the Somali Women and Children Center SOMFAM. 

NABO awarded her the National Rising Star award for her innovative ideas for small business.

Awarded Outstanding Mentor by Team Women MN for her work mentoring women in leadership  

In the finance world, the message of creating value-based prosperity is unique, courageous, and twenty years ago it was downright pioneering. When she started with KIVA it was because it made prosperity sense. Today, she is in the top 1% of Microlenders on KIVA and has given over 500 micro-loans with over 130 different lending partners to farmers and small business people in 58 different countries. Her work with international micro-lending has been featured in Town and Country Magazine Philanthropy Edition and in America’s Best Magazine.  

Mpls/St. Paul Magazine’s Five Star Wealth Awards ranked Mickey in the Top 300 Wealth Managers (out of 22,000) in the state of Minnesota. 

Mickey lives somewhere new every year for 30 days and she writes about her travels. She is in the top 10% of travel reviewers on the popular website Trip Advisor and her reviews specialize on the topic of dating across the world. Her travel images have been viewed in Google Maps over 500,000 times.

She was voted Best Financial Advisor for Women in the Women’s Press Women’s Choice Awards. 

Last year her passion project called Project Elf donated 9 TONS of clothing and home goods to needy families. And WOW-that is her 15th year of that project. There are many amazing stories about the lives that are changed from her ideas on rearranging resources.  

She has been awarded the Community Partnership Award with Head Start for her 20+ years of service to homeless families.

Her 20+ years of community work with African American men in Minneapolis was crucial during the times of George Floyd unrest. She helped build full time jobs and front line community teams to serve the city and its people. Her work with Men Against Destruction MADDADS was called in as an essential tool to help mobilize peace. 

In her personal life, Mickey is married to an ultra marathoner and runs the support vehicles for distance running athletes. She is also the editor and lead writer on TrailDriver, a blog about managing the support details for athletes taking on highly transformative feats. 

When asked how she made so many really-cool things happen in the world, she cites creativity, vulnerability, and humor as her superpowers.  

The mantra that leads in her financial conversations is:  “Money only has one purpose - it buys choices. You might want some help to navigate those choices, so you don’t accidentally opt-out on the opportunities that feed you as a human being and make the world more prosperous. Plus, It’s fun to have a math geek that loves you, and is working in your corner.”

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