Speaker Spotlight

Charisse Sisou 

A modern-day priestess to women who lead, Charisse Sisou is an intuitive, speaker, messaging expert, award-winning bellydancer, and author, who brings (r)evolutionary tools, insights, and inspiration to break through barriers and transform your business and life—with humor, grace and soul. As an Amazon-bestselling author and speaker, she’s reconnected thousands with the hidden reserves of energy, intelligence, and healing that reside in the body, tapping 10+ years’ as a nationally award-winning bellydancer. As founding Queen of the Claim Your Message Copy and Content Agency, she’s supported entrepreneurs and executives to tell their stories, share their gifts, and attract the clients, community, and opportunities they desire. And as a conduit for ancestral and indigenous wisdom, Sacred Feminine energy, and unconditional love, Charisse weaves these ancient threads into a new model of leadership, balanced with the feminine. Learn more about her at CharisseSisou.com.s with women to awaken their divinity and experience true freedom.


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