Speaker Spotlight

Arthur Rutledge

Entrepreneur/speaker/life coach Arthur J. Rutledge is a native detroiter currently living in New York. He Coaches & Mentors with individuals & teams on mindset, leadership, transformative Awareness.

He is fulfilled in his mission of supporting people daily to hit higher levels of themselves.

He is an established John C. Maxwell Team Member & JMT Certified Coach, Speaker & trainer. Also Is licensed to teach from several of John maxwells best works of literature like "the 15 invaluable laws of growth", "the 21 irrefutable laws of Leadership", "good leaders ask great questions" & "everybody communicates, few connect", etc ...to name a few. He is an Altru Center Transformative awareness GRAD & staffing Coach.

As a servant leader & altruistic connector he loves Interacting with people. He is purposeful in being at 2% cause in transforming the hearts & minds. to live unconfined & inculcate interdependence in the world.

Follow my INSTAGRAM @1KINGAJDR page & tune in to my weekly IGTV motivational/inspirational international talk segment called #interuknighted

Arthur J. Rutledge is a Co-founder with designer/CEO Carlyle Hanson www.Peoplesprideshoes.com with the motto "TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU WEAR"

This encompasses 10k plus variations how people are able to customize the best look & make for the individual. Tread your new path in life & your best foot forward with @PEOPLESPRIDE shoe & accessories.

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