Speaker Spotlight

Rabia Piracha

Rabia Piracha is a nonconformist and has remained true to herself in spite of her challenging circumstances. She has held many titles in her life, but has always used her life experiences as the source of her wisdom and enlightenment. Over the last decade, she has been dedicated to her personal growth and mental and emotional well being. She has also participated in several well renowned personal development programs. In 2012, she founded The Goddess Group International Women's Society, a non-profit created to help women empower themselves. She then went on to become a trained life coach through The Co-Active Training Institute. Because she always felt like a misfit and found it difficult to find her place, she is committed to doing her part to give back.
She has evolved and today her mission is to reinvent cultural norms. As the co-host of The Rabia & Sana Show podcast, she shares how she and many like her overcame their personal, professional and cultural taboos to find their identity and self-worth. 
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